21-53: Updates to the Email Subscription Options for P3 Users


Effective immediately, the following additional email notification features are available to P3 users. Initial set-up of the email notifications for each user will continue to remain a function of the Seller Admin.

  • Email notification option for loans placed in Unacceptable Eligibility Delivery status
  • Email notification option for loans placed in Unacceptable File Delivery status
  • Ability to Opt-In and Opt-out of email notifications, for which a user is assigned by the Seller Admin, using the Manage Account feature. The Manage Account option is available to all users after login and can be selected from the drop down box under the user’s login name. After ‘Manage Account’ is selected, users are able to edit their own notification subscriptions by selecting ‘Edit Notifications’.

For more information related to subscribing users to notifications, please refer to the Admin Job Aid: https://www.gopennymac.com/assets/documents/guides/p3-admin-job-aid-general-resources.pdf.

For more information related to Opt-In / Opt-Out ability, please refer to the following: https://gopennymac.com/assets/documents/guides/p3-edit-notifications-general-resources.pdf

Please contact your Sales Representative with any questions.