21-54: Flexible Pricing Options


A complex market requires nimble solutions. PennyMac Correspondent Group allows off rate sheet pricing to help meet the needs of your borrower and your business.

Perfect Rate

Don’t get stuck selling rates at the eighths! PennyMac has the most sophisticated pricing engine in the industry, along with top experts in capital markets. This allows you to fine tune pricing down to the thousandth for your customers on fixed-rate loans!

  • Tailor rates down to the thousandth
  • 2.721%, 2.917%, 3.288%? You name it!
  • Conventional and Government fixed-rate loans*

Perfect Term

Customizable down to the month, you can be confident your borrowers will get the Perfect Term for their situation.

  • More flexibility = more successful solutions
  • 293 months? Sure!
  • Available on fixed-rate loans nationwide
  • Recasting is available, in most cases

*May not be available for all note rates on Government loans.

Please contact your Sales Representative with any questions.