22-80: ULAD and UCD Requirements for VA Full File Loan Reviews


VA Circular 26-22-16, Full File Loan Review Stacking Order Update announced the addition of new documentation requirements for loans that are selected for full file loan review on or after 12/1/22.

Pennymac is aligned with the new requirements which include the separate uploads of the Uniform Loan Application Dataset (ULAD), and the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) in addition to the loan origination file.

Clients are required to provide the ULAD and UCD data files on all VA loans per the instructions below:

  1. Condition code NDEL9 will be placed during eligibility review on all impacted loans as a prior to purchase condition
  2. The condition will require that as part of the purchase review process the lender is to create and upload these data files into the docs for pending conditions folder
  3. The data files must begin as .xml files but be converted to .txt files in order to complete the upload on the Pennymac portal.
  4. Upon receipt condition NDEL9 will be satisfied.

We appreciate your attention to this important announcement. Please contact your Sales Representative or PAM with any questions.