22-32: P3 Loan Officer and Loan Processor Feature


*Applies to Non-Delegated Clients only*

Effective Friday, May 13, 2022, Pennymac will update the Non-Delegated Best Effort loan creation and loan access processes in P3. In addition to user level settings that limit access to team’s loans, the following additions will enhance the ability to create and manage Pipeline views limited to the assigned Loan Officer and Loan Processor:

  • Prompt to assign Loan Officer and Loan Processor at loan creation
  • Loan Officer Name and Loan Processor Name columns added to Pipeline Grid
  • Contact Icon added to Pipeline Grid with ability to edit the Loan Officer and Loan Processor

For additional information, please refer to the P3 training materials found at
https://www.gopennymac.com/p3/training-support-material. The ‘Admin Job Aid’ in Hot Topics contains information about creating a user and managing access rights. The ‘Contact Assignment Job Aid’ provides further information about updating the assigned users at the loan level. In addition, the ‘Non-Delegated Loan Process Guide – Register a Loan’ found under P3 Non-Delegated Resources contains the updates made to the loan creation process.

Please contact your Account Executive with any questions.