Unless prohibited by applicable law, or granted a waiver by Pennymac, the Correspondent must, pursuant to the guidelines set forth in this Delivery Procedure, establish an escrow/impound account for each mortgage loan sold to Pennymac.

Note: The escrow/impound account must include a two-month escrow cushion for all items with the exception of mortgage insurance, in which no cushion is to be established.

Exceptions to the two-month cushion policy exist for properties located in the following states:

  • Limited to one month: MT
  • Zero months: ND, NV

The following defines the premiums that may be paid from a Pennymac Escrow/Impound account:

Held and paid from a Pennymac Escrow Account (as applicable)

  • Real estate taxes
  • Hazard insurance premiums
  • Flood insurance premiums
  • Mortgage insurance premiums

Not held or paid from a Pennymac Escrow Account:

  • Ground rents
  • Water or sewer taxes
  • Homeowner’s association dues
  • Fire hydrant taxes
  • Refuse taxes
  • Tax service fees
  • Special assessments
PUD and Condos

The Correspondent is responsible for complying with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations relating to the creation of escrow/impound accounts and, prior to the transfer of the escrow account to Pennymac, and the maintenance thereof.

Escrow/impound deposits are not required to cover hazard insurance premiums for individual condominium or PUD units if the project containing the unit is adequately covered by a blanket hazard insurance policy purchased by the homeowners association.

Escrow Waiver

In certain states and counties, certain borrowers may not be required to pay property taxes. If a property tax escrow is normally required and the loan is delivered without a property tax escrow, the Correspondent must provide explicit evidence showing the borrower is not required to pay property taxes.

The Correspondent may waive the escrow/impound account specification with respect to conventional mortgage loans, if the loan-to-value (LTV) is 80% or less (90.00% in California), but the standard escrow provision must remain in the mortgage loan documents. If a waiver is used, there may be a pricing impact as noted on the rate sheet.

The Correspondent’s waiver of the right to collect escrow/impound funds must not weaken the right of Pennymac to subsequently enforce the escrow provision contained in the mortgage loan documents in the event that the borrower fails to act responsibly.

New York Co-op Loans

Pennymac does not accept mortgages for cooperative share (Co-Op) loans.