When delivering any mortgage loan which has been pledged as collateral for a line of credit, the lender must meet the following requirements:

  • For each mortgage loan which is delivered to Pennymac and for which a third party holds an interest, a bailment letter must be included in each file and be identified sufficiently so Pennymac can match it to the correct mortgage loan. The bailment letter should include:
    • The Correspondent’s name;
    • The Pennymac loan number;
    • The principal balance; and
    • Wiring or payment instructions.
  • When the Note is delivered, the bailment letter must be included with the Note. A bailment or trust arrangement is not established and a security interest in the mortgage loan is not valid if a bailment letter is sent to Pennymac separate from the applicable Note.
  • In some instances, depending on lender specific Bailment language, Pennymac requires the warehouse lender to execute a Security Release Form. Correspondents must ensure their warehouse lenders have agreed to the Security Release Form and have approved the specific loan product for sale to Pennymac.

Important: The bailment letter and the Note must be delivered to Pennymac or a designated custodian within 24 hours after delivery of the closed loan file.