FNMA Desktop Originator Sponsorship


Pennymac offers sponsorship for Fannie Mae’s Desktop Originator (DO) system to approved Sellers.

Getting Set-up

DO sponsorship is available to approved Sellers for submission of Pennymac available products. Lenders need to request approval via the FNMA Desktop Originator Portal and Fannie Mae will contact Pennymac for authorization. Sellers will be removed from sponsorship access upon deactivation from approved status.

Lender Requirements

Sponsored submissions must be “finalized” before a loan is eligible for purchase by Pennymac.

Requesting Release of DO Submission from Final Findings Status

To request release of final findings from Pennymac, Sellers need to email the request to Send email to ["PennyMacDUAdmin"].. Pennymac will address each request within 4 hours and/or the same day on all requests received by 2PM PST. A reply email will be sent when the loan release request has been completed. Please also note that final findings will not automatically be released when fulfillment stipulates a rerun of the AUS. The release request must be initiated by the Seller.