Revision to Announcement 19-40: New Bulk Bid Tape Fields and Update to Conventional LLPA


Revision July 16, 2019:

New Bulk Bid Tape Fields

The effective date of requirement for the addition of the ‘AUS Type’ and ‘Appraisal Waiver Indicator’ fields will be Thursday, July 25, 2019, instead of the previously announced July 18, 2019 effective date. Bid tapes not containing these required fields on or after July 25, 2019 may be subject to a price adjustment post loan delivery, if applicable.

Introduction of New Conventional LLPA

PennyMac will not be introducing a new Conventional LLPA for Freddie Mac LPA approved loans with appraisal waivers at this time. There will be no changes to the Best Effort and AOT-DT rate sheets.