17-33: Tampa, FL Office Closure Update


PennyMac’s thoughts are with those who have been recently impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Fortunately Hurricane Irma did not materially impact our Tampa facility. Although the facility is closed today (Monday, 9/11/17), it will reopen as soon as power is reestablished. Our Operations Centers in California as well as our Texas and Missouri offices will continue to provide the necessary capacity to support our customers and loan acquisitions with no delays. We will provide further status updates in the coming days if necessary.

Correspondents with Pipeline Account Managers in Tampa should use the Send email to ["CorrespondentPendProcessing"]. email inbox for any delivered loan inquiries and you will soon receive an email from an associate who will be available to assist you with your pipeline needs until the Tampa facility is back online in the coming days.

Please also encourage any PennyMac serviced Borrowers who are experiencing hardship due to the recent hurricanes to reach out to Customer Service at 1-800-777-4001 or visit PennyMac’s customer site at www.PennyMac.com.

Thank you.