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PennyMac Corp.'s Correspondent Group

PennyMac Corp.'s Correspondent Group (PCG) specializes in the acquisition of newly originated U.S. residential mortgage loans from small banks and independent originators. Loans are acquired from a complete cross-section of the US mortgage market, reflective of a product offering that includes conforming, FHA, VA, USDA loan products. Leveraging the Pennymac family of companies, loans are acquired, securitized, and serviced by an experienced mortgage banking and investment management team.

Key Stats

As the largest non-bank correspondent investor, you never have to worry about Pennymac cross-selling bank products to your customers or members. And being a public company that is committed to the correspondent channel provides confidence in our financial strength that Banks and Credit Unions require.


Pennymac is the largest non-bank correspondent investor


Pennymac is the 2nd largest overall correspondent investor


Pennymac is the largest overall Ginnie Mae issuer


Pennymac is the 4th largest overall Fannie Mae issuer

Pennymac in the news

Pennymac in the news

On November 25, 2019, executives of PennyMac Financial Services, Inc. (NYSE: PFSI) and PennyMac Mortgage Trust (NYSE: PMT) to commemorate 10 years of PMT’s success on the New York Stock Exchange.

Executive Chairman and founder, Stanford L. Kurland does the honors.


Doing the right thing in an Accountable way means we continuously seek to drive performance excellence through innovation, risk management and active measurement.

Being Reliable means we work together and commit ourselves fully to exceed customer expectations by operating with urgency and demonstrating our technical expertise.

Doing business in an Ethical way means we behave with honesty, fairness and integrity to build the utmost trust among each other and everyone our business serves.