22-09: February Product Highlight | Delayed Financing


What is Delayed Financing?

Delayed financing is a unique financing option that allows homebuyers to obtain a mortgage loan after purchasing a property in all cash.

By utilizing a “delayed financing” cash-out refinance option, borrowers can recapture their funds and waive the 6 month cash-out seasoning requirement.

Delayed Financing Benefits

Amidst a purchase season in an especially competitive market, delayed financing can be a valuable mortgage financing tool to both aspiring homeowners and investors who are looking to move quickly & strategically.

  • Borrowers are able to enjoy the financial benefits of a traditional mortgage loan while being able to strengthen their purchase offers and secure a home that they otherwise would not have been able to
  • Investors can remain liquid while retaining the ability to quickly secure an attractive residential investment property

Please refer to Pennymac Product Profiles and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Selling guides for full eligibility requirements.

Please contact your Sales Representative with any questions.